Please don’t pack “Lunchables”

I was volunteering at my son’s school the other day and was present during my favorite time: Lunch!! As a nutrition counselor and chef, I am always intrigued by what other people are eating…It was so wonderful to see all the kids eating their lunches and not fussing too much (it’s a 4 year old class).  Until I saw one child having the pre-packed food called Lunchables.  I do not know the situation around this, so I will reserve judgement…BUT, what I do know is that if this child’s parents read the ingredients on this package, they would not have bought it or let alone packed it in their child’s lunch.  Yes, I know we all lead very busy lives, and cooking your child’s lunch each and every day from scratch is not possible.  But, there are plenty of alternative quick lunches one can make or even buy.  If you are doing the latter, please do your child a favor and read the labels.  Knowing what is going into your child’s body; now that is sexy!

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